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Real Estate Company’s ‘Core Value’ Its People

Hughes Marino Involves, Builds Up Employees

When Shay Hughes, chief executive of commercial real estate company Hughes Marino, started to plan the business’ quarterly retreat three years ago, she wanted it to be memorable, not only for its stunning location—Pelican Hills Golf Club—but also for what people would take away from the event.

How High-End Agents Master Marketing of Luxe Homes

Prospect Perks Range From Cocktails to Tennis

There are distinctive techniques for marketing a luxury home that go beyond listing the house on the Multiple Listing Service and hosting an open house.

Company Culture Breeds Independence, Commitment

Tech Firm Zumasys Uses Trust to Tap Workers’ Best

Nine years ago, someone special walked into Zumasys Inc.’s Irvine headquarters for a job interview for a warehouse position.

Hughes Marino’s 10 Core Values

Always do the right thing. Ask yourself these five questions: Is it right for the client? Is it right for the company? Is it ethical? Is it something you are willing to be held accountable for? Is it the right thing to do?


Nearly 300 guests donned their best party clothes during a night of Las Vegas-style poker at the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s 19th Annual Gift of Hope Gala on May 31.

Different Extras Catch Luxury Homebuyers’ Eyes

Marble Baths, Wine Rooms Coveted; Others Less So

Marketing a luxury home in coastal Orange County is a science.


Pacific Investment Management Co. founder Bill Gross, and his wife, Sue, president of the Gross Family Foundation, donated $1.5 million in May to the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science’s nursing school in Los Angeles.

Luxury Sales Thaw Helps Strengthen Larger Market

Average Price Per Square Foot Up 25%

The luxury market is a unique animal that responds to its own set of economic parameters.

Dream Builders

Golden State Foods Foundation Does It One Bike at a Time

Some children start to take their bicycles for granted as soon as the newness wears off.

Report Reveals What Wealthy Homebuyers Crave

Want Waterfronts, Luxury For Primary Residences

A new report on the home-purchasing behaviors of high-net-worth buyers in the U.S., U.K., Brazil and China reveals interesting insights into their needs and desires.

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