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Aitken Defers; Medley Shows; Hartenstein Sticks

The Insider was ready to call Wylie Aitken true to our school when it came to his role in the recent selection of Matthew Parlow to succeed Tom Campbell as dean of the Fowler School of Law at Chapman U in Orange.

OC-LB Ties Displayed at ‘State of Port;’ CFOs & Shakespeare

Score a hit for the Port of Long Beach and a tally of ties to OC at the State of the Port last week, a first-class affair from the decor of the hall at the city’s convention center to the impressive talks by Harbor Commission President Lori Ann Guzmán and CEO John Slangerup …

Simon Hire Points to Larger OC Strength

The silliness of an election season abounds, the stock market has dropped into “correction territory”—and business continues strong in Orange County.

Augie’s Other Job: OCMA’s Other Menu; IrvCo.’s Other Plan

How’s Augie Nieto these days?

Another Case of Select Company for Ueberroth

Thoughts turn to baseball when Peter Ueberroth’s name comes up—logical enough, since the fellow who now runs the Contrarian Group in Newport Center made a big mark as commissioner of the game. He ran the L.A. Olympics before MLB, of course, so he’s got ties to just about any sporting endeavor. Need more?

Expect Sparks to Go Sooner; Kelly’s Tour de Fleur

Tough to top the New Year’s plans of a couple of the best of the better halves around these parts.

Oyler the Toiler; Dapper Doti; Trieu Enough

Sound out this apt email address for Tennyson Oyler, VP of brand management and public affairs for Pac Life:

Alzheimer’s Outfit Ponders Split; El Sol’s Star

The Insider has picked up on rumblings that the board of directors of the Alzheimer’s Association of Orange County is taking a hard look at whether to stay with the Chicago-based national organization or become independent.

Musco’s Next Mark; Standing Room Only For Sunwest Forum

Paul Musco is a self-made man who has shown the Midas touch on everything from catalytic converters to big data to Texas oil. Imagine what he’ll do with Oprah Winfrey on his side?

Feuerstein’s Low Profile, High Impact; Caan-Do at Chapman

Members of OC’s Jewish community are sitting Shiva with the latest passing of a nonagenarian giant.

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