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Struppa’s Strong Start; About Our OC 500; Fall Fashion Find

Daniele Struppa is off to a strong start on establishing his own manner of maintaining the high profile of the president’s office he takes over from the ever-energetic Jim Doti at Chapman U.

Ketchum Puts Herbert Atop Its List; Can You Say Quatrefoil?

Marshall B. Ketchum University in Fullerton wasn’t listed among the recent and much-heralded U.S. News & World Report rankings of post-secondary educational institutions throughout the land.

China Car Connections; Buena Park’s Big Day; Harrah on the Clock

Add a couple of entries from China’s wave of would-be makers of electric cars to OC’s auto industry, which started with companies from Japan—Mazda and Mitsubishi —and now includes Hyundai and Kia from South Korea.


Other items of interest Orange County Business Journal Vol. 39, No. 37

Costa Mesa-based Karma Automotive LLC set the price for its Revero sports car at $130,000 but declined to peg a date when the car would be delivered to the 80 buyers who’ve placed initial orders.

Masimo Gives on Zika; Great Park’s New Leathernecks

Orange County’s community of business plays a big part in the impressive array of philanthropic groups and nonprofit organizations that operate here, as you’ll find on our front page and in the Special Report that starts on page 15 …

Elizabeth Engages; OC’s Asian Edge

Maria Hall Brown is the talent behind KOCE’s upcoming documentary on the late Henry Segerstrom, and the Insider hears that her project has attracted the keen interest of Elizabeth Segerstrom, who’s joined Sandy Segerstrom Daniels as co-managing partner at C.J. Segerstrom & Sons and its South Coast Plaza since her husband’s passing last year … 

Sports Report: Golf, Rodeo, Theater, Etc.

Count the Oct. 5-9 run of the Toshiba Classic at the Newport Beach Country Club as another aspect of Fountain Valley-based Kingston Technology’s role as a good sport and able marketer.

Lincoln Club’s Cue; Haddad’s Menace; Callahan’s Kickers

The Lincoln Club of Orange County said a mouthful—and not a word about Donald Trump—in a recent call for support for Marco Rubio, who came up short in his bid for the GOP presidential nomination and now seeks a second term representing Florida in the U.S. Senate.

Perceptions of New OC Reality Range

A couple of recent visitors came from the East Coast and left the clear impression that old stereotypes about Orange County—all-white population, conservative to the point of reactionary, land of goofy housewives—are a thing of the past on the other side of the continent, too …

Big Wheels, Big Deals

How OC’s Wealthiest Got Much Wealthier

This year’s crop of OC’s richest residents managed to outpace the market by a longshot, thanks to a number of additions and several deals that helped boost the combined wealth of the 45 entries to $72.5 billion.

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