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Walker Bunts, Scully Scores

Credit Vin Scully for a crowd that was big enough to fill the biggest hotel ballroom around these parts for the Orange Catholic Foundation’s 15th Annual Conference on Business & Ethics, giving even the Hilton Anaheim a challenge on parking at the breakfast hour.

By Jerry Sullivan May 22, 2017 midnight share »

Emile’s Big Deal; The Real on Neal; OCMA’s Fine Feel

Nothing mixed about a certain aspect of Emile Haddad’s personal perspective on FivePoint Holdings’ debut on the New York Stock Exchange last week, when an opening share price of $14 was below an earlier stated range but also rose by about 7% in the first day of trading—good for a market cap of about $3.3 billion.

By Jerry Sullivan May 15, 2017 midnight share »

Kudos, Clue at Hispanic Chamber; Celebration of Chuck

Well-deserved recognition and an early insight into next year’s gubernatorial race came during the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s annual Estrella dinner and fundraiser at the Grand Ballroom of the Disneyland Hotel on April 29.

By Jerry Sullivan May 8, 2017 midnight share »

Update on OC Influence

Orange County’s community of business makes plenty of waves in other markets, including Manhattan, where the Commercial Observer last week put Donald Bren on its annual Power 100 list.

By Jerry Sullivan May 1, 2017 midnight share »

Continuing Ed for OC’s Community of Business

A single day last week bought a plethora of practical and poignant reminders that business is about continuing education at is core …

By Jerry Sullivan April 24, 2017 midnight share »

Jimmy P Bowls Doti Over for Shea

Could there have been any doubt that something unique would happen when the Shea Center for Therapeutic Riding put Jim Doti and Jim Peterson on stage together?

By Jerry Sullivan April 17, 2017 midnight share »

Change as Constant; Code as Culture

Check the front-page story on the biggest publicly traded companies based in OC, and you’ll get in sync with Catherine Wood, founder, CEO and CIO of ARK Invest, which specializes in active ETFs that aim to get their arms around the much-ballyhooed, often-misunderstood “disruptors” of today’s business world.

By Jerry Sullivan April 10, 2017 midnight share »

Chuck’s Bargain; Tran’s Crayons; Port’s Storm

Chuck Martin grew up in modest circumstances, but there was nothing modest about his brains and drive—the stuff that got him to Ohio State, where he worked 40 to 50 hours a week at minimum-wage jobs while gobbling up knowledge at a pace that earned him a B.S. degree with five majors: mathematics, physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, and business.

By Jerry Sullivan April 3, 2017 midnight share »

Eye Opener for El-Erian; Logo Logic

Mohamed El-Erian did what any dad who happens to be a globally renowned economic forecaster might do if his young kid expressed a desire to go into show business—he set a benchmark.

By Jerry Sullivan March 27, 2017 midnight share »

SCP’s Creamy, Dreamy B-Day; Sofar So Good

The music was lovely and the dancing superb, but it was the dreamily effective costumes and stage designs for “Whipped Cream” that made the American Ballet Theatre’s redux of the 1924 Viennese affair feel like just the right performance to celebrate South Coast Plaza’s 50th birthday with a March 15 worldwide debut at the Segerstrom Center …

By Jerry Sullivan March 20, 2017 midnight share »

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