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This list includes conventions, trade and consumer shows, and other happenings scheduled from Aug. 22 through July 31, 2017.

OC Office Market Remains Landlord-Driven in Q2

The Orange County office market is currently characterized as a landlord market due to the low availability rate. Strong employment growth in the county continued to be the primary driver of improving fundamentals.

OC Industrial Market Demand Strong in Q2

The Orange County industrial market showed no signs of decelerating at the midpoint of the year, despite the lack of available product that has become a common theme for the region over the past several years.

Retailers Vie for Limited New Space

The slightly lackluster changes over the past few quarters were no surprise despite Orange County’s attributes, due in part to the lack of new development. The construction pipeline contains an excess of retail and countless willing tenants, though few have made their way into development, leaving very little new space for tenants to vie for. Limited space for new developments opposite the uncertainty of big-box anchor longevity has given developers pause, creating a focus on smaller, safer projects.

OC's Wealthiest

45 Entries, $72.5 Billion, 5 New Names, 19 Billionaires

Construction Firm Builds Culture With Camaraderie

Swinerton Staff Chip In Like Any Good Site Crew

They’ve been to conferences in Vegas, although they have yet to claim spots at the Black Jack table. They’ve been to Germany during Oktoberfest but abstained from indulging in that country’s most famous beverage. They’ve sat in on some of Swinerton Builders’ most important meetings, a noticeable, if silent, presence. The pair stands stoically, one man holding a set of building plans, the other his arm outstretched, pointing off into the distance.

Workers Real Estate-Focused Firm’s Best Investment

Staff’s Interdependence Keeps Passco Healthy

Kendall Parisi, corporate designer at Passco Companies LLC, looked over the numerous stacks of marketing supplies, brochures, and trade show materials spread across the conference room table.

The ‘Why?’ Sets Wealth Management Firm Apart

Clients’ Peace of Mind On Money Unites Employees

Economists and financiers traditionally measure success by examining an organization’s income statement, balance sheets and cash flow statement.

How Companies Make Lists

The Business Journal’s Best Places to Work lists are the result of months of surveying workers and managers at local employers.

Built Orange County Tilts Mod Again in Brutalist Surge

Office Buildings, Former Crystal Cathedral Get Treatments

Brutalism, a mid-20th-century architectural style, appears aggressive—even violent—but broke ground when Swiss architect Le Corbusier described the design look he sought: “béton brut” or “raw concrete.”

Tenant-Improvement Work Tops $900 Million Here

30 Firms Do $909M In Work, Grow Revenue 16%

Orange County’s 30 largest tenant-improvement contractors continued to grow last year, combining for $909 million in local work.


Numerous changes occur in the U.S. financial accounting and reporting standards each year, but only a handful affect every company—large or small, technology-based or traditional service providers— and one of those takes effect soon.

Accounting Firms Expand for Fifth Consecutive Year

Boost Employment By 6%, Big Four Again Lead Pack

Orange County’s largest accounting firms combined to grow the industry’s local work force by 6% over the year through June for the fifth consecutive year of gains as the economy and business regulation expanded.

Management Consultants Continue Growth in OC

Local Employment Up 9%, Firmwide Staff Rises 19%

Orange County’s top management consulting firms experienced 9% growth to employ about 1,760 locally in the year ended June 30, many of them adding staffers.

Generation or More Proves Eateries’ Recipes Timeless

Survivors Mix Consistency, Warmth to Stay at the Table

I did not realize until I started researching for this mini-tome that we had so many restaurants that have endured for at least 25 years in Orange County. I’d been to some of these in the reasonable past, but not all, so I was a busy gal catching up on the status of the others.