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E-Commerce Drives Industrial Demand in OC

Amazon Lease in IBC Leads New Rental’s recent entry into Orange County’s industrial market is the clearest example yet of the growing role that e-commerce is having on the area’s warehouse and distribution building base.

By Mark Mueller November 14, 2016 midnight   $$ Share

Crowdfunding Misstep Kickstarted Enterprise

Crowdcreate Helps Others Avoid Same Mistakes

Getting kicked off Kickstarter provided the kick two Orange County entrepreneurs needed to create their own crowdfunding marketing agency.

Pair Leverages Common Interests to Create Brand

Fast Cars, Swank Nightlife Product of Hearty Ambition

Entrepreneurs, if nothing else, must be resourceful.


Event trends and popular movements in meetings and conventions can seem to appear out of nowhere—whether it’s rooftop amenities (see page 1), pop-up events (see page 21), or growth in spa, health, and fitness components (see page 19).

Coastal Resorts Make Spas Part of Luxe Approach

Hotels Answer Meetings Guests’ Call for Pampering

Resorts and hotels along OC’s coast from Huntington Beach to Dana Point have spas, have rejuvenated them recently, or will add the amenity in the next year. Smaller coastal properties have added fitness areas and programs to emphasize health and wellness.

Hotels Get Creative With ‘Temporary’ Event Spaces

Spots in the Pop-Up Style Crafted for Adventures

What’s with the old shipping container behind the Irvine Marriott?

Aliso Viejo Grows Up, Moves on to Next Act

Office Market Matures, Pipeline Gives Way to Infill Plans

Orange County’s newest city isn’t so new anymore, least of all its office market.


The expanding amount of data now available to companies to analyze and sometimes monetize is changing how many do business in big and small ways.

Office Lease Rates Keep Rising

It’s a landlord’s market due to the low availability rate for offices. Strong employment growth in Orange County continued to be the primary driver of improving fundamentals. Recently, however, employment growth hasn’t translated into positive net absorption, driven by transitory factors that will dissipate over the next several quarters.

Industrial Market Still Landlord’s in Q3

The Orange County industrial market remained tight at the end of the third quarter, which has been the theme for the past 12 to 18 months as vacancy declined. Market conditions remained overly favorable to owners with available space.

Retail Market Holds Its Own

The Orange County retail market’s persistent struggles are lack of space, growing lease rates, and limited development projects. Previous quarters have continued to show gradual improvements in fundamentals, though the region has remained relatively flat since the early years just after the recession.


Fintech, short for financial technology, has been one of the most watched developments in the industry in the past few years. Founders, bankers and customers have said a lot about it: It’s disruptive to incumbent financial corporations, an alternative way to lend, and a new way to reach clients and conduct transactions.

Commercial Banks Grow Assets 39% to $34 Billion

Top Five Unchanged; Profits Up 31% to $138M

Orange County-based commercial banks continued strong year-over-year growth as they increased assets 39% to about $33.5 billion for the year ended June 30.

Credit Unions Grow Assets 8% to $19.4 Billion

Struggle on Profits, With 1% Dip to $73 Million

It’s been a mixed year for Orange County’s credit unions as they grew assets by about 7.8% to $19.4 billion for the year ended June 30 while combining for a 1.3% decline in net income to about $73.4 million for the first six months of 2016.

From Fee Builder to Fastest Grower

Weyerhaeuser Buy Helps TRI Pointe to 660% Jump in Sales

You can add another first to the resume of TRI Pointe Group Inc., a homebuilder whose growth over the past seven years is among the most rapid of any Orange County company on record.