E-Commerce Drives Industrial Demand in OC

Amazon Lease in IBC Leads New Rental WaveAmazon.com’s recent entry into Orange County’s industrial market is the clearest example yet of the growing role that e-commerce is having on the area’s warehouse and distribution building base.

Accelerators Help Bridge County’s Vast Sprawl

Jumpstart Companies By Various Means

Accelerators play a multifaceted role in any startups ecosystem, providing access to investors and mentors and helping companies scale.

Entrepreneurs Stars of Livestreamed Show

MyStartup.Live Focuses On Founders’ Passions

A public relations and marketing expert harnessed the passion around Orange County startups into a weekly livestreamed show that debuted in June.

Tease photo

Q & A

The Business Journal’s Paul Hughes asked hoteliers to highlight a key technology change they’ve made this year at their properties or companywide to enhance service levels—how it fit into their market positioning, whether it taps national trends, and any obstacles they faced in making the changes.

Cities Tap Into Their Fun Sides to Promote Themselves

Market Existing Points Of Interest to Potential Visitors

They won’t change the name—Surf City it is, and Surf City it ever shall be—but Huntington Beach marketers told the Business Journal they’re preparing to market the locale to travelers based on fun of all types.

Hotel Construction Mostly Small World for Meetings

Properties Coming Soon For Smaller, Local Clients

Local data show at least eight Orange County hotel projects are under way, several that are scheduled to open in the next six months, and most notable for something they’ll have in smaller amounts than just about any property in OC: meeting space.

EVENTS Calendar

Our list of conventions, trade and consumer shows, and other happenings includes events scheduled from Aug. 14 through July 31, 2018.

OC's Wealthiest

Irvine’s red-hot economy is doing wonders to the bottom line of Orange County’s dominant businessperson.

Hughes Marino Team Lives, Breathes ‘Core Values’

10 Guiding Principles Keep Staff on Same Team

All over America, companies large and small adorn their offices with images of the values that guide them, reminders of how they should conduct business on a day-to-day basis.

Trust, Transparency, Togetherness Make Firm Tops

Employees Collaborate To Keep Recruiter Competitive

They were trapped. The room was nearly dark, the scant light increasing the shadows rather than alleviating them. As the numbers on the timer continued their inexorable descent, the group searched fruitlessly for an escape route—a key to unlock a door, a hidden escape hatch, anything—growing ever more desperate. Meanwhile, they knew they were being watched via surveillance cameras and …

Law Firm Employees Testify to Unmatched Culture

Managers Go Above Board To Make Them Feel Valued

It’s not unusual for lawyers and their teams to log long hours. What is unusual, though, is when they do so not only without complaint but willingly, even eagerly. That’s the scenario that Bisnar Chase LLC Managing Partner Scott Ritsema experienced when he found himself in a severe time crunch as he prepared an important case.

How Best Companies Make Lists

The Business Journal’s Best Places to Work lists are the result of months of surveying workers and managers at local employers.

MVE Teams With China Developer to Build ‘Blue Bay’

Talks Up New, Less Costly Building Materials Mix

The planned seven-story, 120-unit Blue Bay condominium project has no bay view.

Healthcare Players Embrace Architectural Change

Workplace Design Enables Safety, Healing, Teamwork

People interact with buildings on a daily basis—in workplaces, neighborhoods and the places of business we frequent. In fact, we spend quite a lot of time inside them, and our behaviors are influenced by our surroundings.

Many Tenants Now Seek ‘Pitch Room’ With Sizzle

Tenants upgrading nowadays are trying to impress their clients with conference rooms that have the latest audio visual equipment, like touch screens, and for their brands to be everywhere in the office, according to Daniel Walker, vice president of development for the Irvine office of brokerage JLL.

Tenant-Improvement Contractors ‘Crazy Busy’ in OC

33 Firms Pass $1 Billion In Sales With 19% Jump

Orange County’s tenant contractor industry is “crazy busy,” according to David Smith, president at Smith and Severson Builders of Lake Forest.