Irvine-based online media company Corp. named Chief Operating Officer Michael Sawtell president.

Sawtell will also continue serving as the company’s chief operating officer.

Sawtell is the founder of Irvine-based digital media company DigitalPost Interactive Inc.

DigitalPost previously owned Boston-based Rovion Inc., which Local acquired in May for $2.3 million.

Sawtell’s current stint with Local is not his first.

He served as president and chief operating officer of Local for a five-year period up until 2005.

Sawtell rejoined the company last year as senior vice president and general manager of sales and advertiser services and was promoted to chief operating officer in May.

Local also announced the hiring of Erick Herring as senior vice president of technology. Herring reports to Sawtell and will lead expansion of Local’s technology initiatives.

Herring previously worked for Pasadena-based daily deals site Townloop LLC.