Serial entrepreneur Frank Delgadillo, the founder of the Ambiguous and Comune brands, has launched a new apparel company called Chapter.

The Costa Mesa-based startup will feature jeans and tops for men and women inspired by skateboarding, snowboarding, art and music.

A soft launch of the line’s spring/summer 2012 collection will be rolled out in some stores with a full launch in stores planned for next July.

The company expects to host a launch party this October.

Chapter’s offices are at the location of Delgadillo’s previous art- and music-inspired clothing startup, Comune, which he founded in 2008.

Last month, Comune announced it would be relocating its headquarters to Los Angeles.

The news of Comune’s move followed Delgadillo’s departure from the company along with some former Comune executives in the sales and marketing departments.

Delgadillo launched Comune in 2005 after leaving Ambiguous Industries, which he started in 1996 while a student at Chapman University.

Ambiguous was originally founded as an art- and music-inspired clothing label, but quickly gained popularity within the action sports apparel industry with its appeal among skateboarders and surfers.

In 2005, Irvine-based Ray's Apparel Inc. bought Ambiguous.

Ray's had the license to make and distribute clothes from other brands inspired by surfing and skateboarding before it closed in 2008.

Clothing under the Ambiguous line continues to be made and sold in stores through Santa Ana-based Life Distribution LLC.